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Coyote Skull on Rustic Fence by Holly Taylor


The copper haired humans and furball behind Copper Cog.

Linden aka "Phat Lindy"

Raised in Fruita, CO.  Moved to the RFV in '03.  Rode his first bike right out the womb.  Factory Sponsored Ambassador for Banshee Bikes.  Professional bicycle mechanic and skills instructor at Colorado Mountain College.  16+ years of professional wrenching experience.  PMBIA certified level 1 instructor.  WFR certified.  Loves to ride his bikes, ski, share knowledge, and eat anything that's pickled.

Holly aka "Javani"

Born and raised in the swamps of  south Louisissippi.  Moved to Colorado in 2011.  Currently a full time student at Colorado Mountain College for a Bachelors in Ecosystem Science and Stewardship. Class B CDL holder.  Loves photography, World of Warcraft, cooking, skiing, and mountain biking (especially lift laps).

Latham aka "HamBoy"

Shop Foreman.  Wants to be a dump truck driver when he grows up?  Keeps everything in line.  Loves elephants, octopi, and riding with Mum on his Kids Ride Shotgun - Shotgun Pro Bike Seat.  If it has wheels, he loves it.  Main inspiration for this whole crazy adventure we are on!

Sasha aka "Sashi BeariO's", "The Majestic Floof"

Fur child of Holly, step-dogter to Linden, and Latham's personal food composter.  10 years young.  Shetland Sheepdog.  Loves to play dead for chicken nuggies.


We are honored to have access to these quality brands.

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